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Sydney’s hairdresser to the fashion industry & to elite actors from around the globe can be your own expert hair stylist too.

Experience Valonz, Salon X and Renya Xydis City where you’ll be seen by the very same professional hair stylists and colourists who ensure some of the world’s biggest celebrities are always camera ready for their close up.

Renya & Jim Xydis and their award-winning team of expert hair stylists and colourists know what it takes to create beautiful, healthy, sexy hair. For over 25 years, the award winning editorial team at Valonz, Salon X and Renya Xydis City have been providing the best hairdresser services across Sydney and internationally including runway hair styles and Brazilian Blowout Zero services.

Our experience in creating the most innovative and desirable hair styles and colours as well as working extensively with celebrities and on editorial shoots has earned us the reputation as one of the premier hair salons in Australia.

As expert hair stylists and colourists qualified in a range of high-end services, here at Valonz, Salon X and Renya Xydis City we pride ourselves on delivering the very best in customer service to all our clients. That’s because our team strives to be the best hairdressers in Sydney each and every time you visit.

With some of the world’s most sought-after celebrity hairdressers on our books, you can be sure that every visit with us will be an indulgent A-list experience where the best service is yours to enjoy.

 Make your appointment with us for the celebrity treatment you so richly deserve.

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August 31, 2011
by Xydis
Emma Booth

Description goes here...

Description goes here... Hair by Daren Borthwick & hair colour by Haleema Harris



August 30, 2011
by Xydis
Brazilian Blow Out Zero

Description goes here...

Please note that on 29th August 2011, there was a story published by the Sydney Morning Herald and syndicated by The Morning Show on Channel 9 regarding the original Brazilian Blowout solution, this has no connection to Brazilian Blowout Zero that we offer in all our salons.

Brazilian Blowout Zero is a different product to Brazilian Blowout. Brazilian Blowout Zero is NOT a Keratin Treatment it is a Smoothing Treatment based on Amino Acid technology.

Management Valonz



August 30, 2011
by Xydis
Megan Gale

l'Oreal launch

I love this girl!!!!!! She has become a great friend and when she calls I try and be there for her. I’m so happy and proud of my Megan ..this night she looked incredible, that hair and that red dress wow! …She is the new face of l’Oreal in Australian and Europe and they couldn’t have picked a better girl! Christine Rowe loves doing her hair colour and I just love being around her, always happy & extremely professional and totally respectful.

Ren xxx

Description goes here... Description goes here... Description goes here...



August 24, 2011
by Xydis
Travel - Stav European vacation

Stav in Taormina Italy with the the view of Hotel Monte Tauro in the background and the rest of Sicily further back

After a truly inspiring and courageous last twelve months battling cancer for OUR BEAUTIFUL Stav and his gorgeous wife Pia, they took a well deserved break! Off to Europe!

So glad to have our Stav happy and healthy! It’s the BEST feeling having him back working between the two salons!

Ren xxx

Brick Lane London

I have always wanted to cut hair outdoors but never thought it would be possible- here on Brick Lane in London a salon has been set up against trees on a beautiful rare sunny day. Only 10 pounds for a mens cut too!! I didn’t feel brave that day…

Stav x

Unleashing creativity outdoors



August 22, 2011
by Xydis

Description goes here... Description goes here...

The David Jones show was great fun - our editorial talent Daren Borthwick was the hair director for the show and I looked after the delightful Miranda Kerr! Our team went and helped Daren and the show went without a hitch! Well done guys!

Ren xxx!

Models are ready Here comes Miranda! Daren Borthwick Description goes here... Me & MK Daren at work Nicole Sudjana backstage Description goes here... Description goes here... Amber Pompeii backstage Henri Melki backstage Description goes here...



August 16, 2011
by Xydis

Description goes here...

Salon Manager Che -Daniel Macdonald and 2IC Faye Hatzimanolis

Che what makes for a great day in the salon? A great day in the salon is when all my staff are on, the salon is full, the music is pumping, there is interactive conversations across the floor, the work leaving the salon is HOT! People are walking past feeling the energy exploding out the door.

How do you find the right Stylist/Colourist for New Clients? I find what style/colour/technique & inspiration the client is looking for and pair up according to who I think would best deliver what the client has requested.

How do you inspire your team Faye? I always try to be positive and give the best customer service that I can give. When I am doing my job to the best of my ability then I feel that my team will follow.

What is the one thing you love most about your role at Salon X ? I love getting to know our clients and working in a fast paced and professional environment. I really love working with my team at Salon X

Description goes here...

Senior Stylist - George Vasilaris

George you have been in the industry for a while and been with the company for over 13 years, how do you inject some excitement into your daily hairdressing ? By adding something different to every client that comes in. Giving a client a different blowdry, colour or treatment keeps you and the client more interested. I believe that if you don’t tweak your loyal and long standing clients they will go somewhere else for change - never play it safe - it’s hair!

What’s the biggest highlight in your career? I found my creative skill early on in my career and to this day I enjoy seeing the new generation of hairdressers come to learn their creativity. I enjoy being a mentor to the team at Salon X. There are good hairdressers and their are great hairdressers, we all work here at being great hairdressers.

Description goes here...

Head Colourist / Certified Brazilian Blow Out specialist - Sheree Knobel

Sheree who and what inspires you? My clients inspire me. From the celebrities, musicians, mothers, business women, fashion designers, each and everyone of them have a story to tell and I enjoy hearing the diversity!

What sort of a hairdresser would you are you known as? Technical yet creative colourist who knows what tones to use to compliment a client. I listen to my clients needs and wants and direct them down the right path. Ultimately maintaining the hair condition is my priority, the balance of what clients want and what their hair can do is my job.

Description goes here...

Senior Stylist / Colourist - Joel Wallbank

What’s your favourite cut at the moment? I love a cute girlie pixie cut, I think on the right face shape it is the most sexy feminine look.

How do u get your inspiration? I love surfing the net and looking at different magazines as there is always something great happening

Description goes here...

Senior Stylist - Stavros Georgoulas

What’s the biggest highlight in your career? Having worked for one company for ten years!! James, Renya & Juliet have been amazing..Working in Paris and Milan with Eugene Souleiman and Martin Cullen. They are hair Maestro’s, also meeting my favourite designers- Stella McCartney, Ann Demeulemeester and Yohji Yamamoto whilst working on their shows.

Who and what inspires you? People who want to try something different. Lou Doillon’s 60’s hair, Dane Reynolds (marinelayerproductions.com) The Acne Paper, Yeasayer (band)

How do u excite your daily hairdressing from the time you walk in the door of work? I try to have a new prank ready to try out on staff, especially the desk girls..You can’t be serious all the time can you??

Description goes here...

Emerging Stylist / Colourist Danielle Pusztay (DP)

DP you have just completed your apprentice (well done!) What now? Becoming an amazing hair dresser and learning as much as I can from the team at Salon X - they have guided me to be the best I can be, everyday I learn something more and that’s what I love about hairdressing!

Who and what inspires you? Working with such an amazing team definitely inspires me. I also get inspiration from reading magazines and from nature.

Description goes here...

Senior Stylist Nic Platsis

What do you most enjoy about being a hairdresser? Doing a beautiful haircut on a client and them loving it

How should clients prepare before coming into the salon for a completely new look? The clients should bring along some pictures to show the feeling of what they want and ideas.

How powerful do you think a new cut is for someone’s confidence? I think if someone feels good about themselves and the way they look, a haircut gives them more confidence.

Description goes here...

Head Beauty Therapist - Gabriella Menegon

If you had a mission statement for your clients what would it be? Look after your skin as much as you look after your hair

What is your top tip for beautiful skin? Start looking after your skin from a young age so that at 40 your skin will look great. There is no quick fix but long time care. Consistency counts!

Description goes here...

Beauty Therapist - Victoria Gutierrez

What is so special about Miss FF beauty parlour? There is vast experience between Gabriella and myself and we thrive to provide the best service possible for our clients.

If you had a mission statement for your clients what would it be? Invest in a good skin care range that is suitable for your skin. It is an investment for your skins future.

Description goes here...

Apprentice Jana Tringas

Jana ,why did you choose Salon X to do your apprenticeship? I chose Salon X because it is a reputable company and has the best styling and colouring team. Which allows greater growth within myself and career. What inspires you the most? The people I work with. I Always find myself learning and gaining more knowledge from them every day. What’s the best advice given to you by your seniors? To practice absolutely everything that is taught to me and to be confident in myself and work.

Description goes here... Description goes here... Description goes here...