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July 9, 2012
by Xydis
How to Create Magical Curls with Wella & Cloud 9

One request we often get from women in our salons is; ‘How can I achieve magical curls?’ My answer? You really need the right equipment! There is no way around it. Technology has changed so much and there are some really advanced pieces of hair equipment on the market now. My favourite is Cloud 9 - it’s point of difference? It’s heat regulated. What does that mean for you? - Your hair remains in good condition whilst using heat day in day out. You can grow it to your desired length, it is in better condition to colour so it retains it’s shine & gloss.

You also need the right product. A lot of women think that the more they put in the hair the better is will work. Not necessarily the case. You need to know your product and what it’s use it. Wella Sp has a complete styling range that not only is diverse it what it offers from shine serums to hairsprays, it also conditions, hydrates and most importantly; it preforms!

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This is beautiful shoot I did with my very good friend photographer Steven Chee This was a day of fun & we created magical curls with natural but glamourous make up by make up artist Victoria Baron

The product I used was one of my all time favourite Wella SP Perfect Hair, it’s a great light weight mousse and it’s one product I tend to use a lot of as it really holds the curl which makes the style last longer.

I use 4 big handfuls from roots to ends then completely dry off. Then I take the Cloud 9 O Pod to set the curl. You have to see it to believe, it heats the velcro’s up in seconds!

To finish and for extra hold I use the Cloud 9 Wand

Final touches, light spray of Sebastian Re Shaper Hairspray

Enjoy Love Ren xxx

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What you need to create this look

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