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The Valonz team is faced with creative opportunities both here in Australia and around the world. They are constantly learning skills, sharing with one another to grow and develop ideas and techniques. These skills are transferred to our loyal and new clients giving them a sophisticated fashion conscious edge that the Valonz team are renowned for. Their combined creative force makes them leaders in the industry and their individual creative expression is limitless.



Senior Stylist / Cutting Educator 2005 – 2010

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Valonz Expert since 2005

Having a diverse career in hairdressing spanning over two decades Armitage is a classically trained cutter who can create and correct client’s hair requests with ease. Armitage sees the beauty & potential in each & every client that sits in her chair ensuring that her clients leave her with hair that is relevant to their lifestyle, manageable and most importantly making them feel sexy with a refreshed look. With her unique quirky & eclectic style, her ability to look at her clients overall lifestyle & individual needs is what draws a loyal clientele. Armitage has a depth & breath of experience as a backstage veteran working on runway shows both locally & internationally. As an educator her knowledge has laid down foundations for many of the Valonz Team throughout their apprenticeships. Armed with know how & knowledge Armitage is a respected hair care expert to the media & industry professionals.

Runway credits

2002 – 2008 – Head Assistant to Hair Director Myer Collections 2002 – 2014 Australian Fashion Week 2009 – 2013 London Fashion Week 2009 New York Fashion Week

Stavros Georgoulas

Senior Stylist

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Valonz Expert since 2001

One of the company’s experts in cutting and styling Stavros has been an integral part of the Valonz team for over a decade. A senior cutting expert there is no hair obstacle that Stavros has not been able to tackle, his passion for hairdressing is continuously growing and developing to create & inspire his clients & colleagues. With his charming and warm personality Stavros has a cult like following of clients that have built a loyal & trusting relationship for the last thirteen years. A master craftsman in hairdressing & styling, having studied in London under Vidal Sassoon International Creative Director Mark Hayes & in Paris at Dessange along with working with industry editorial & runways leaders such as Renya Xydis & Eugene Souleiman - learning invaluable styling skills making no job too big or small. His clients feel like they have been transformed from head to toe, producing the polished and tailored styles for both men & women is what he is renowned for.

Runway Credits

2003 London Fashion Week 2008 London Fashion Week 2008 2009 Milan Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week London Fashion Week 2004 2013 Australian Fashion Week



Emerging Stylist

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Valonz & Salon X Expert since 2012

Emerging Stylist Madison Voloshin is a dynamic injection into the Valonz & Salon X teams. With an abundance of energy & attention to detail, Maddy’s cutting skills are incredibly meticulous with his cutting uncannily precise. A master of men’s styles & beautiful women’s cuts & blow dries, he’s an emerging stylist with a strong skill set. Making clients look & feel better about their appearance is what Madison is all about, as a perfectionist he wants his clients to look the best they can when they leave his chair. It’s all about trust; he will deliver what you want and a little bit more keeping on trend and tailored to each of his clients needs. Inspired by period series in television, think Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire, “I like clean, sharp & chic styles. A great men’s haircut takes you places that women take notice of and men secretly envy. There’s something about old styles that I gravitate towards – I like the precision of these styles and I see this carried through in my work”

Runway Credits

2013 2014 Australian Fashion Week



Senior Stylist / Colourist / Hair Extension Specialist

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Valonz Expert since 2014

Clean, fresh and above all sexy is how Walkers client describe his hairdressing. A master of his craft Reece has an expansive clientele that have been entrusting their look & hairstyle’s for an impressive fifteen years. Making each of his clients whether men or women, leave with a uniquely and chic cut and or colour is paramount to Reece. Directing his clients to colours and cuts that suit their lifestyle ensures that his work maintains longevity long after their appointment. As the Valonz hair extension expert Reece’s experience in this specialist field ensures that he is able to take client’s hair from short to long with ease. As head advisor for hair extension work on Hugh Jackman for the film Wolervine “The key to maintaining hair extensions is placement & colour matching; being male or female is irrelevant, keeping the clients hair in good condition and having a natural & seamless result is what identifies good hair extension work” says Reece. Beautiful blow dries are his forte having taken care of Miranda Kerr, Eva Longoria, Paula Abdul, Ricki-lee Coulter, & Natalie Imbruglia.

Runway Credits

2010 2014 Australian Fashion Week


Senior Stylist / colourist

Description goes here...

Valonz Expert since 2010

A senior cutter & colour expert in the Valonz Team Webster has developed his hairdressing skills within the companies sort after education program, earning his place on the converted Valonz floor. Fun, creative & directional with a youthful injection is how Jye approaches hairdressing making his clients religiously sit back in his chair week after week. “I want my clients to feel like they have had a complete make over when they leave my hands. Making sure they have beautiful hair that maintains a natural appeal but POPS!” An extremely creative & talented hairdresser who has an army of clients that request his know how in colour they entrust his judgement & let him work his magic, which challenges & inspires Jye to create something unique on every client he works with. A passion for balayage Jye sees this technique as revolutionary because it creates a look of endless colour throughout the hair creating a seamless finish. Beautiful blow dries with a sexy bounce are his signature, with clients requesting his personal finish, with Toni Collette, Miranda Otto, Collette Dinnigan & Jackie O as clients.

Runway Credits

2010 2013 Australian Fashion Week


Senior Stylist / colourist / Salon Educator 2012

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Valonz Expert since 2009

Amber has an appetite for creativity & style and views her work as a canvas for creating beauty within each client. Delivering fresh, clean & chic styles that are bespoke to her clients needs and lifestyle Amber has a strong clientele that continue to seek her expert know how and direction. Her creative input allows her clients to get what they asked for and something uniquely unexpected, keeping their look directional & on trend. Always seeking creative ideas Amber’s passion is seen in her ongoing desire to grow & develop her skills and knowledge of hairdressing by seeking mentors and inspiration working alongside industry leaders such as Renya Xydis, Daren Borthwick & Eugene Soulieman. Having diversity in her work, Amber has worked in collaboration with uber blogger Romy Frydman from Style Me Romy and on Australia’s dynamic fashion designers Sass & Bide look books.

Runway Credits

2009 2014 Australian Fashion Week 2010 2013 David Jones 2012 London Fashion Week

Danielle Pusztay - “DP”

Senior Stylist / Colourist

Description goes here...

One of our companies ‘home grown’ talents, creatively Danielle has elevated her craft of hairdressing that is fresh & ever- changing which has gained her a solid and loyal clientele. One to push boundaries in her vision she is constantly expanding her skills to keep abreast of trends. Specialising in men’s cuts & women’s cool colours, her quietly composed personality delivers exactly what her clients want.



Colour Director / Certified Master Colour Qualification / UK Wella Professional Ambassador / Salon Colour Educator 2014

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Valonz Expert since 2013

As a finalist for British Colour Technician of the Year and over thirteen years experience, Colour Director Bane has found his “people” within the Valonz Team. “I have an intense passion for colouring hair, creating bespoke shades for my clients. The work that I love is technical and tailored to each individual. I endeavour to know every last thing about my colour so that I can pass the knowledge onto my clients and create something special… and I have a thing for blondes!” Says Bane Hairdressing to Bane is about a freedom to be creative, constantly learning & progressing. But most importantly & satisfying for him is making people look & feel beautiful through his creativity. “What I find amazing with my clientele is that everyone has a different story to tell and that you can never dictate what each day will bring. The relationship between a client and their colourist is based on trust and when the client has faith in you it gives you the freedom and confidence to give them what they want” Having an enormous portfolio of international experience & no nonsense approach Bane brings a level of industry prestige & knowledge that has resinated in a flux of clients here at Valonz.

Danielle Deane

Colour Director

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Valonz & Salon X Expert since 2002

Having started her career over 12 years ago at Valonz & more recently spending three incredible and inspiring years in London honing her craft at the East London salon Zoology, Danielle returns with a creative force that she wants to share with her clientele & team. “Returning to Australia was always on the cards, having gained invaluable experience internationally & now working with the award winning team at Valonz & Salon X is exactly the right fit for me. More importantly being able to reunite with my previous clients and share with them some international trends in hair is what excites me” Says Deane. A technical colourist her precision & attention to detail is what stands out in her work. Her clients are die-hard followers as she delivers colour work that is clean, vibrant & leaves the hair in its finest condition. “It’s my job to make sure that my client’s hair is manageable, healthy and right for their skin tone and lifestyle. Listening to my clients is what distinguishes a good colourist to a great one, it’s my job to take on their requests and in turn give them a result that only accentuates their natural beauty,” She says. Specialising in redheads & creamy blondes her extensive experience in a broader colour palette gives a richness & luxurious feel to her work alongside her editorial blow drying skills Deane ensures her clients feel polished when they leave her chair.


Senior Colourist

Description goes here...

Valonz Expert since 2010

Ash - Leigh is a creative hairdresser in it’s truest form – her creative ideas are boundless. Armed with a ‘Let’s do it’ attitude her thorough understanding of colour work allows her to push the envelope whilst maintaining the highest quality of her clients hair. “It’s fun to take a client from a frosty blonde to a lovely lilac but making sure the condition of the clients hair comes before any rash decisions are made, the clients longevity of condition is what they remember you for – colour is temporary leaving hair luscious & healthy is what my clients love” she claims. “I love getting inspiration from all walks of life, I love collecting images and ideas and translating them into creative colour work or styling work” As Renya’s head assistant on Cloud 9 education seminars country wide, Ash has learnt first hand how to style hair from one of the industry’s editorial leaders. Ash’s clients leave with a feeling of change and above all beautiful, glossy and healthy hair.


Colour Director/Certified Master Colour Qualification /Colour educator 2005 - 2012 - Wella Professional Ambassador

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“Enjoy, relax, have fun and don’t take it too seriously - go with it”, that’s Christine’s mantra and what makes an appointment with her seriously amazing. Part of the Valonz team since 1996, a booking with Christine guarantees her vast experience and her ability to give you what you want - and some. She is renowned for pushing natural to stunning, giving that extra fabulousness that’s organic and easy, never forced. She can take hair from black to blonde, and when invited, she loves mixing it up, delivering cutting edge change with a modern twist. At the heart of her work is her desire to keep pushing the boundaries. She travels to London and LA twice a year seeking inspiration and sharing new techniques with the best in the business. She works alongside the acclaimed Creative Colour Director, Nicola Clarke at John Frieda in London who looks after Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow; and the award winning Tracey Cunningham at Byron and Tracey in Beverly Hills who counts Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Richie as regulars. As colourist to Cate Blanchett and Toni Collette Christine is proud to work with them on the way they look “that they put their trust in me is a huge part of our connection,” she says. “Christine has a great and subtle eye for colour. She is a real treasure.”Cate Blanchett Christine leads the weekly colour training at Valonz sharing her knowledge with the next generation of hairdressers and is highly regarded by Wella who have chosen her to be one of five colourists in Australia to test their professional products and educate colourists around the country. Editorial work includes: Vogue; Harper’s Bazaar; Oyster; Marie Claire; Madison; Sydney Magazine.


Colour Director / Certified Master Colour Qualification / Colour educator 2002 - 2005

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“Healthy hair is number one for me,” says Haleema who gives the best colour detox in the business, the mathematician of hair colour. One of the founding staff members of the Valonz team, the last twenty years of experience has produced one of the countries finest colourists. Her positive approach to life and work love what you do and show that you love what you do” has sustained a fiercely loyal client list at Valonz. “I love delivering classic with an edge, she says and is as comfortable with her regular clients as the many A-list actresses and celebrities she nurtures. Nicole Kidman, Miranda Otto and Collette Dinnigan are regulars - ‘Haleema is genius, she knows how to make my hair gleam and achieves the best tones in my hair for each and every role I do ‘ Miranda Otto Haleema’s passion drives her finely honed technical ability and her brilliantly precise colouring techniques. She is constantly applying new technology, techniques and knowledge and is a highly regarded national spokesperson for Wella. She is one of the leading colour educators at Valonz inspiring and guiding the team. Editorial credits include: Harper’s Bazaar; Vogue; Marie Claire; Madison; Instyle; Sydney Magazine; Sunday Magazine.


The talent of our editorial stylists is unsurpassed. Regarded as some of the best on the local and international stage through their highly regarded catwalk, advertising and editorial work. They bring the essence of future trends from around the globe back to Valonz to ensure our standard and vision reigns supreme.

RENYA XYDIS - @ The Artist Group

Editorial Stylist / Creative Director

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As the driving force of creativity for her three beloved salons, Xydis leads her team to be the very best that they can be - leading by example. Xydis is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity which has seen her work for over three decades in some of worlds leading publications from iconic Vanity Fair to Vogue. Travelling the world throughout the year to work as hair director on runway shows, her stamina and dedication is inspiring. Xydis ‘can do’ attitude towards hair makes her a natural favourite with her loyal celebrity clientele. One of the pioneers that set out to work on an international platform backstage with the world’s most prestigious hairdressers in Paris, Milan and New York from 1988 to present, Xydis creates trends. Having being involved in ‘a great idea’ at the time, that being Australian Fashion Week, Xydis is a sought after by designers year after year.

KEIREN STREET – @ Viviens Creative

Editorial Stylist

Description goes here...

Street’s solid career has spanned over two decades, having worked with famous faces such as Jennifer Hawkins, Toni Collette, Cate Blanchette, Gennifer Goodwin, Asher Keddie, Rose Byrne. “Beauty is a feeling; if you don’t feel it you can’t own it’ is Street’s philosophy in hair. “If you can’t walk out with a smile and completely happy with your hair - I haven’t done my job” Regularly requested for the fashion packs campaigns he is responsible for the looks of Loveable, Model Co ,Tiger Lilly and Sass bide. His work is featured in Grazia, Cosmo, Emporium Oyster,Sunday Magazine and Harpers Bazaar. As hair director for 4 years for the department giant Myer from 2005 to 2009 and working backstage from Sydney to New York since 2002 and part of the Valonz team since 2002, Street knows what his clients want.

Diane Gorgievski - @ The Artist Group

Editorial Stylist / colourist

Description goes here...

Gorgievski has the tenacious ambition and drive which have developed her editorial skills since 1999 both here and internationally. Kylie Minoque labels her the ‘Hair Whisperer’. As the winner of Harpers Bazaar Session Stylist 08, Diane has great diversity in her work. ‘Boho Chic’ best describes her approach to hair and colour work, she is fearless when it comes to transforming hair to look it’s very best. Her clientele are devout fans. Travelling each year for the international shows in New York, Paris and Milan Diane has a few tricks to share with her devout clientele here in Sydney. She has also been a presence on local runway circuit at Australian Fashion Week 2002 – 2012, Myer Collections 2008- 2009.

Daren Borthwick - @ The Artist Group

Editorial Stylist

Hair Expo Editorial Stylist of the Year 2012

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One of this countries most successful and innovative hair & make-up artists and part of the Valonz family since 2000, Daren has earned his reputation for cult status by bursting the boundaries of self expression and creativity. Unique and powerful images that have caused a huge impact in the fashion, film and music industries, images that shock, provoke, transform and inspire. His work is featured in US Elle, Grazia UK & AUST, Vogue, Madison, Marie Claire, and INstyle. He has worked with celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Jackie O, Danni & Kylie Minogue, Natalie Bassingthwaite, Emma Booth, Rose Byrne, Isabelle Lucas, Jodie Meares, Kim Kardashian, Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee. Not shy of the international runways, Borthwick regulary worked in Paris, Milan and New York. He has been hair director on numerous leading Australian designers shows at Australian Fashion Week.

Valonz Haircutters

Valonz Reception

Tucked away in one of Paddington’s most intriguing side streets, is a mecca for the world’s leading fashion, film, television and music stars - alongside local and loyal clients - who have come to rely on Valonz’s polished yet uncomplicated signature style and personalised service.

Over the last two decades, owners James & Renya Xydis have solidified the success of Valonz by creating a hair emporium that attracts leaders in the industry to flourish. As Business Director James has nurtured the growth of the company to expand across four individual entities leaving the creativity of the business to Renya.

As Creative director, Renya has carved her niche as one of the industries leading hair directors here and internationally. A regular at international fashion weeks, a celebrity favourite, Renya is in high demand. Locally, she is kept busy with constant editorial work within Australia’s leading glossy magazines including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, alongside regular domination directing the hair for Sydney Fashion Weeks best shows.

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The Reception Team

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The warm & friendly team at Valonz is infectious, a dynamic & friendly team who want your experience and time with us to be special. The Valonz Reception team know everything there is to know about Valonz & The Miss Frou Frou Nail bar. They know; the whose of the who, and the long & the short of it!

With a combined experience of over 10 years working in Valonz they are the ‘go to’ for our clients needs.

Did you know that we have over 5 different price brackets? Ask about our blow dry’s that start at $35.00 There is a price point that suits your budget, ask any one of our reception team and they will guide you through our pricing. We have Emerging Stylists that have been trained by our Senior Stylists. They are skilled and ready to look after you.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your hair done & a manicure and pedicure all in one appointment? Time Poor? Working Mum? Corporate Career? Yes you can get a manicure & a pedicure whilst you are getting your colour done. What a time saver!

What is an Editorial Stylist? Love seeing our work across runway, television, film & in magazines? our Editorial team work on jobs away from the salon, the reception team will look after you as best they can giving you as much notice as possible.

‘My hair is… dry, brittle, thick, thin, blonde, brown, short, long….’ They have heard it all. Our reception team watches their colourists & stylist at work. THey know their team & know who best suits your hair type. Ask them to help you choice the right hairdresser for you.

Address & Trading hours

20-22 Elizabeth Street
PADDINGTON 2021, NSW Australia

T 02 9360 2444

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Monday 9.00am - 6.00pm
Tuesday 9.00am - 6.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am - 6.00pm
Thursday 9.00am - 7.00pm
Friday 9.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm

Parking Availability

All Day Parking - Varied unrestricted zones

  • Elizabeth St between Paddington St & Hargrave St cross streets
  • Windsor St and Cascade st

Restricted 2hr Parking

  • Elizabeth St and William St provide ample 2hr parking.


We are always interested in speaking with new local and international talent in all areas of our unique and inspiring business.

We are a team that is dedicated to nurturing staff and their development. Intensive, thorough creative training programs – from apprentice to senior team levels – are a testament the team’s growth.

To express interest in employment, please forward your resume or portfolio to:

General Manager Juliet Cummins at valonz@valonz.com.au

Services @ Valonz

The Valonz team are as diverse as the personalised service they offer clients. Working with leading beauty magazines, photographers and fashion houses allows Valonz to develop future trends and bring them back into the daily flow of the salon; tailoring them to suit you.

We offer the finest:

  • Styling
  • Colour
  • Foiling
  • Balayage
  • Colour Glaze
  • Hair Treatments

Read more here about our services, salon etiquette and employment.

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