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Valonz Haircutters

20-22 Elizabeth Street
Paddington 2021
02 9360 2444
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Salon X

86 William Street
Paddington 2021
02 9357 6228
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Renya Xydis City Salon

172 Castlereagh Street
Sydney 2000
02 9264 8888
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Miss Frou Frou Beauty

86 William Street
Paddington 2021
02 9357 6063
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Salon Etiquette

Why are appointments necessary?

Making an appointment by phone is the best way to ensure that your preferred stylist/colourist is available. By making an appointment at least 2 weeks in advance and we can accommodate your schedule. We recommend you make your next appointment on completion of your visit at reception.

Confirming your appointment

It is important that our reception staff confirms your appointment. We will give you a courtesy reminded by phone or SMS message 24 hours prior to your appointment.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment. Our staff will be happy to utilize this time settling you in comfortably before your appointment.

What if I’m late for an appointment?

The services you require have been reserved especially for you, therefore, please understand that if you are late, it will encroach on the time we have to spend with you, in order to avoid a delay with the next client.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We understand that there are times you are simply unable to make your appointment. Please appreciate that to avoid disrupting the day’s schedule, we require 24 hours cancellation notice prior to your appointment.

What happens to my appointment if Renya Xydis or the editorial team are doing editorial work?

At times Renya Xydis & the team does local and international editorial work and fashion shows that take them away from the salon at short notice. Our management co-ordinate their appointments so that no one is inconvenienced and will endeavour to reschedule the appointment.

Are my items secure whilst I’m having a colour or cut?

It is best to avoid wearing valuable, precious jewelry and clothes to the salon. We do provide gowns to avoid colour damage, and a coat service for garments, however,we advise that handbags and mobile phones be kept on you at all times. All our salons hold no responsibility for any damaged, lost or stolen accessories or clothing

How can a friend enjoy the magic of Valonz, Renya Xydis City, Salon X or Miss Frou Frou?

Pamper a friend with a fabulous gift-voucher; Enquire at reception about Valonz, Salon X, Miss Frou Frou and Renya Xydis City gift vouchers.

Can I pay by Credit Card or cheque?

Most credit cards excepted. Diners and Amex are NOT accepted. We do not take cheques.


Children remain your responsibility at all times.

Our Services


The team are as diverse as the personalised service they offer clients. Working with leading beauty magazines, photographers and fashion houses allows our team to develop future trends and bring them back into the daily flow of the salon; tailoring them to suit you.


All salons offers a complete range of colouring services. Be sure to discuss these options with your colourist prior to making another appointment.

Each year, thousands of women from near and far choose the our teams in our salons to colour their hair. Members of our team are sought after in-salon, and on movie locations to keep colour in check, therefore, clients can rest assured only the best range of colours and application methods are used.


Our team are all highly experienced in foiling and the art of placing them perfectly to achieve colour results that look natural and sexy to compliment skin tone and lifestyle.


Whether you are after a complete colour change or subtle shift, the colourists have a wide range of colouring options to suit you. No two hues are the same.


Balliage - “free-hand colour’ - in French is the art of subtle colour application. Your hair is the canvas that accentuates the perfectly unique natural colour that only Balliage performed by our Paris trained team, can achieve.

Colour Glaze

We have developed the ‘Colour Glaze’ treatment that compliments colour. An ‘Insurance Policy’ for your hair, Colour Glaze contains botanical proteins that deliver incredible condition, manageability, vibrancy and shine.

Hair Extensions & Hair Enhancements

There is a huge variation in hair extension/ enhancement services available today so it’s important that we explain how our hair extension service works. We use only 100% high quality; human hair applied in smaller, natural-looking sections is applied to merge beautifully within your own hair. Extensions give length while enhancements give thickness. We highly recommend that you book a complimentary consultation with us so you can see the benefits for yourself and we can answer any queries that you might have.

Hair Treatments

You wouldn’t go out without moisturising your skin, so you should treat your hair with the same respect. Hair needs to have regular treatments to nourish and protect it against the ravages of time and environment. All salons offers extensive treatment services to suit all hair needs, that combine superior ‘salon only’ products and application techniques.

As about our Intensive Treatment (restoring and restructuring with a sensual head massage) and our Replenishing Treatment (adds moisture, shine and elasticity in no time)


We are always interested in speaking with new local and international talent in all areas of our unique and inspiring business.

We are a team that is dedicated to nurturing staff and their development. Intensive, thorough creative training programs – from apprentice to senior team levels – are a testament the team’s growth.

To express interest in employment, please forward your resume or portfolio to:

General Manager Juliet Cummins at juliet@valonz.com.au